African Kobe

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  Origin: Africa

  Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs

  Onset Time: 45-60 mins

  Duration: 4-5 hrs

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African Kobe


Buy African Kobe Mushrooms from a reputable Online Magic Mushrooms Dispensary    The original magic mushrooms were collected in January 2002 in Transkei, in the Wild Coast region of South Africa. Buy African Kobe Mushrooms spores 


A potent modern strain that produces prominent body sensations and astounding visuals. African Kobe Mushroom Spores for sale


Dancing lights, and geometric shapes that increase at higher doses. These mushrooms provide a light-twinkling, skin-tingling experience. African Kobe Mushroom Strain

5 Ways to Consume

– Chew them thoroughly, to allow all the juices to come out
– More or less 45 minutes to start working, depending on the stomach content
– The less you eat before, the better. It is advised to avoid food for a few hours

– Taking mushrooms in a form of a tea will mild the specific taste
– Chop or crush the mushrooms. Place them into the teapot
– When the water has boiled, pour it over the mushrooms in the teapot
– Let them sit for about 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally
– Strain, serve and customize

– Incorporating  it into food will assist with both the taste and the feeling of queasiness that most users suffer
– Avoid adding the mushrooms during any cooking stage
– Baking mushrooms on top of a pizza, for example, would result in an inferior tripping experience. Instead, try adding them to sauces or toppings after the cooking stage.

– Capsules offer users the option to microdose their magic mushrooms
– Experience ultimate clarity without losing an entire day
– Using empty capsules and a grinder, you can make your very own magic mushroom capsules!

– Not only is it quick and easy to take, but users claim the acidic nature of the lemon breaks down the psilocybin, intensifying the subsequent trip
– Recommend starting with half the amount of shrooms you would normally
– Ground magic mushrooms meet lemon juice in a short glass of your choice. Leave it to sit, add water, and down in one go.


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9 reviews for African Kobe

  1. George

    The best strain for me

  2. Daniel

    a nice experience

  3. Jeremie

    Lot of visual good quality

  4. Alexander

    Must try …. very visual starin !

  5. Chelsea

    Out of this world lol. Never had a trip like this before. Took about 4 g’s throughout the night and 2 would have sufficed I think but it tricks you into thinking you are sober but nope hahaha. Trip lasted a long time, completely out of my mind at some points. Amazing visuals and watching Disney was amazing.

  6. Alex

    Intense, hit me hard and fast while walking through a magical park in a rainforest on Christmas Day while it was snowing, no words can describe how I was feeling Christmas Day, I was interstellar travelling through different dimensions looking at the world from a alien perspective.

  7. admin

    Great time, great visuals

  8. Amanda

    Great strain!! One of my favs

  9. Martin

    Incredible visuals with these.I was extremely suprised

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