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0rigin Mushrooms is USA’s top Psilocybin retailer. Origin Mushrooms takes cultivation and strain exploration to a new level. We have a team of Fungiculturists dedicated to finding the rarest and high-quality psilocybin spores. All of the mushrooms were grown with passion by our team of in house Fungiculturists.

Our Fungiculturists are the best in the world. They have dedicated their lives to growing the best mushrooms in the world. We harness their passion and hard work to bring those mushrooms to the masses. When you buy an Origin Mushroom you can rest assured that it was grown and taken care of with passion.

Our Fungiculturists have collected psilocybin spores and prints from Nepal, Tibet, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, United States, Africa, and more. Our collection of mushrooms were handpicked among the best and most popular mushroom strains from around the world.

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